The Cauldron

The Cauldron is a Space to Gather, Heal, Evolve, & Create

With so much transformation continuing to take place in our inner & outer worlds, the importance of having a regular healing practice + community to anchor us, is increasing.

Holding ourselves through and being held in moments of vulnerability, unsettledness, celebration, and success,

Being witnessed, seen, cared for & loved,

Having a practice that honors our hearts growing needs,

Knowing we aren’t walking this path alone ~

Are parts of the foundation each of us deserves to live on & grow from.

It is for these reasons I have created The Cauldron, an intentionally curated self-care practice housed within a $33 monthly membership.

What to Expect

Week 1

On the first day of each month while in the cauldron, you’ll receive a channeled meditation from the multidimensional consciousness Lustré, designed to support you in harnessing the upcoming months ebbs & flows.

Week 2

Within the second week of the month you’ll receive a healing exercise – to explore at your leisure – that will connect and open you to more of your hearts luminosity.

Week 3

On the third Sunday of each month @ 9am PST, you’ll be invited to join a 2 hour *virtual healing circle. This is your chance to share your radiance, build community, focus on personal + global healing, and collectively rise.
*All circles will be recorded and made available for Cauldron members.

Week 4

During the fourth week of the month you’ll receive a grounding exercise to support the integration of the previous weeks movements.

Magic Awaits

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