1-1 Sessions 




1-1 sessions are a nourishing deep dive into your personal world. Within our time together we’ll go over what’s coming up in your life presently, the healing themes you are meant to explore, and what it is your Soul is asking of you at this time. We’ll also look into future occurrences and shed light into anything your heart desires more clarity/guidance around.

As our journey together deepens, the sessions will evolve into an in-the-moment healing experience. I’ll support you through removing energetic blockages, clearing emotional traumas, and treating/understanding root causes of physical ailments.

Each session will close with an integration plan to keep the transformation taking place within, active and alive.

Whether it’s our first or hundredth time working together my approach is always the same; making those I work with more aware of what they are creating, why they are creating it, and empowering them to take charge of their realities in new and insightful ways.

*Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly Sessions:

45 mins: $175

60 mins: $200

90 mins: $300

Å la carte Session:

30 mins: $175

45 mins: $200

60 mins: $250

90 mins: $375

*10-session packs available for those working with me more than once a month. Inquire via email for rates. 

Love Embodiment Journey

A reclamation of your self-love

There are things we all seek to experience in life; connection, healing, abundance, security, empowerment…and although the form of these may vary, the core of what we desire stays the same.   Each of us in our own unique way are looking to experience love. Loves flow is in a continuous state of existence around us but we have our personal challenges that come up when we want to connect into it. For this reason, I’ve developed a lusciously expansive process that makes letting more love into your life, playful, enriching, accessible, and most importantly; eternal.

Within this journey plan on being supported and held accountable as you are guided into finding & receiving the love you already have within. Through Soul engaging exercises, energetic healing, & meditative journey work, you will learn to love yourself the way you deeply deserve and crave.

In addition, you will:

♡ Explore your personal impedance’s to letting more love into your life.
♡ Learn to feel happier & live more purposeful each day
♡ Heal social & inherited shame
♡ Reconnect/deepen your relationship with your body
♡ Expand your confidence
♡ Rebalance your giving/receiving patterns
♡ Meet your Soul & embody your destiny 


We’ll have 12 sessions over a 6 month period of time (monthly journey option also available). Sessions range between 60-75 minutes with integration exercises and brief check-ins between appointments.


Unlock Your Intuition &
Healing Capabilities as You…

Deepen Your Relationship to the Divine

Would you like to deepen your relationship to yourself while connecting to the innate Spirituality ever present within you? Do you wish to increase your intuitive abilities and experience life with a grander sense of trust, self-reliance, and internally-sourced guidance? Could having extra clarity around what energy belongs to you, and what energy belongs to others help you to live life more freely? Does using energy as your personal healing medicine appeal to you?

Within this journey you will cultivate a relationship to your own personal divinity. Set up to be your own sacred learning space, each session will introduce you to a new healing tool or energetic exercise. Together we’ll work to realign your energy so your alchemy can flow, as we resolve any resistance that may arise.

Deeply Profound, Rich, & Divine ~ the grounded magic infused within our time together, will meet you wherever you are at ~ the only requirements are to create an intention and pair it with an open heart.

Enhance Your Wisdom by:

꩜ Learning Tools to Ground, Center, & Align Your Energy
꩜ Developing a Relationship with Your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, & Unseen Friends
꩜ Automatic Writing, Cord Cutting, & Soul Contract Work
꩜ Boundary Strengthening & Discernment Techniques
꩜ Remembering/Re-Awakening Your Purpose
꩜ Exploring How to Get to the Core of Issues to Resolve Them


*12 week container 60-75 min sessions *Week 5 & Week 10 are integration periods and will have shorter ‘check-in’ style calls.


Magic Awaits

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