I’m so glad we’ve found each other.

Our connecting means it’s time – time for you to access a divinity within yourself unlike ever before. It’s time for you to relish in your beauty, power, Soulfulness, elegance, and grace – all so you can access your unlimited potential.

Our connecting means you are ready to dive deeper with your own self-healing, and be changed by the force of your love.

Thank you for choosing me to support you on this path,

I know just how to get you where you need to go and I’m so excited for our work together to begin.



Intuitive Healing Sessions

Intuitive Healing sessions are a nourishing deep dive into your personal world. Within our time together…

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TransformationAl Journeys

Whether 1-1 or with a group, transformational journeys are a way to accelerate your healing + create core level change.   

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Self- Study

Growth at your own pace… Meditations, workshops, & pre-recorded transformational journeys.

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Workshops & Retreats

Feeling the call to join an in-person healing container? Regular events in France + California as well as special events Worldwide.  
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The Cauldron

an intentionally curated self-care practice housed within a $33 monthly membership.

Week 1

On the first day of each month while in the cauldron, you’ll receive a channeled meditation from the multidimensional consciousness Lustré, designed to support you in harnessing the upcoming months ebbs & flows.

Week 2

Within the second week of the month you’ll receive a healing exercise – to explore at your leisure – that will connect and open you to more of your hearts luminosity.

Week 3

On the third Sunday of each month @ 9am PST, you’ll be invited to join a 2 hour *virtual healing circle. This is your chance to share your radiance, build community, focus on personal + global healing, and collectively rise.

*All circles will be recorded and made available for Cauldron members.

Week 4

During the fourth week of the month you’ll receive a grounding exercise to support the integration of the previous weeks movements.


Whether we see them or not, Guides, Unseen Friends, & loved ones in Spirit are around us all of the time. When we consciously make space for that truth to become a reality, we can open to an intuitive sense that allows deeper communion from these unseen realms.

The word Lustré means radiant or luminous brightness; shining light.

The name they’ve chosen encompasses one of the many gifts their consciousness brings through; illumination.

Upcoming In-Person & Virtual Events

july intuitive healing + counseling sessions & channeled readings  

Use the link to check current openings. 

Alchemizing Your Divine Feminine Essence – One Day retreat

Saturday July 27th
Awakenings Center for Conscious Living
Laguna Hills, CA  
self-love weekend retreat 

Saturday July 27th

Awakenings Center for Conscious Living
Laguna Hills, CA 

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I Am Rooted in Magic – Root Chakra Journal

Use this journal as a tool to help you ground as you write out everything going on in that pretty head of yours. Know that as you do you are rooted in magic. 

I Am divine & empowered – solar plexus Chakra Journal

Use this journal as a tool and write about all of the moments you feel like a badass – so that in the moments you don’t, you’ll be able to read it back knowing how divine & empowered you really are.




I Am Connected – Crown Chakra Journal

Use this journal as a tool and write about all of the magical, synchronistic, and divine moments you experience – in and outside of meditation. As you do, know that you are becoming divinely connected.  

Magic Awaits

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