Amanda Mia Mehalick

It is my belief…

That our Soul’s choose our name, and within that name live clues about our life’s purpose.
Amanda (Worthy of Love) Mia (My) My journey in this lifetime has been centered around uncovering, exploring, and learning to let in the immense amount of love I hold for myself.

This love has always been present within me, but became more empowered and defined, when I started to connect to my Spirituality. From there my emotional depth, intense sensitivity, and ability to communicate with Unseen Realms of Magic began to flourish.

I spent the majority of my 20’s diving into meditative domains; learning, studying, working with clients, teaching, and cultivating a foundation for potent healing.

This foundation is built upon the belief that as we walk through portals that lead us into greater states of love, the internal spaces that are in conflict with that energy come up to be addressed.

My gifts come to life in my unique ability to identify, communicate, and create pathways to heal the impedance’s and traumas that stand in the way of greater love, pleasure, connection, & inner contentment.


Qualifications & Experience

Amanda Mia Mehalick is an Intuitive Healer, Channel, and Conscious Living Guide. She holds certifications in Clairvoyant Intuitive Healing, Multidimensional Healing, Vocal Channeling, has completed practitioner training in Tantra, Somatic Movement Therapy, Shamanic Studies, and has a Masters of Intuitive Medicine (MIM™).

Additionally, she has over 13 years of experience working as a professional Intuitive, Conscious Business Coach, and published metaphysical author.

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